Target of the car wheel angle adjustment equipment fixed on a car wheel

Tires and Wheel Alignment Services


When drivers in the city of Woodstock or Cherokee County, GA, need tire service, other specialty wheel, and alignment services, or general auto repair, Chloe's Auto Repair is the shop most choose. Both our service consultants and auto mechanics are ASE-Certified and are ready, willing and able to service your car, truck, or SUV. In addition, Chloe's Auto Repair is certified by the Better Business Bureau.

The auto mechanics at Chloe's Auto Repair are experts in providing the five key aspects of high-quality tire service. These include:

  • Tire Inspections —Tires need to be checked on a regular basis for bulges, tears, cuts or punctures from stones, nails, glass, or other road hazards that may have caused tire damage.
  • Tire Installation — Performing regular tire maintenance is essential to ensure the safety of your family and to enable a longer lifespan for your vehicle. But like the shoes you wear, tires need to be replaced as they wear out. Count on the staff at Chloe's Auto Repair to make sure your vehicle gets the right tires for the driving you do.
  • Tire Balancing — New tires when first mounted on your vehicle should be balanced to optimize tire tread wear once your vehicle starts rolling. When in use, tires not balanced across the vehicles contact with the road can wear unevenly, depending on road conditions, driving style and other factors. Rebalancing is typically done every 4,000 to 6,000 miles, but rely on our service advisors and auto mechanics to advise you.
  • Tire Rotation — Just like a cooking pan doesn’t transfer heat evenly across the surface touching the stovetop, your tires, if left on the wheels they were mounted on will not wear evenly. Just as you might rotate the cooking pan to even out cooking, rotating your tires from one wheel to another prevents premature tread wear, extends the life of your set of four tires, and helps with fuel efficiency, drivability and other vehicle performance issues. Again, trust your specialists at Chloe's Auto Repair.
  • Wheel Alignment — Proper wheel alignment keeps your wheels pointed in the same direction your vehicle is travelling. Contacting curbs, running over rocks and other debris on the road, driving over a pothole and hard sudden stops when the wheels are turned can throw true alignment off. Misalignment is rarely visible, but if not addressed can shorten a tire’s life, and lead to more serious performance or drivability problems.

Proper grip, sure-footedness, traction, and value matter. Having the correct tires for your vehicle, timely service over their lifetime and an expert auto repair partner you can count on is fundamental for safe, reliable and affordable mobility. We invite you to consult with us for advice on tire specs for your vehicle.